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By Glenna Putt
8" x 10" P.B. 74pgs.
$30.00 - 1-60052-001-4

"Glenna Putt paints her life as she lives it. In this collection of paintings, called "Autobiography", she gives us glimpses into her home, her travels, her family and the mystery that makes up the life of the artist. From the vistas out of her studio on San Francisco's Potrero Hill, to the teeming streets of Havana, the lush green parks in London, beloved pets and interiors of her art filled home, and flowers - oh the flowers - that spring to life in a way that gives new meaning to the phrase "still life", Glenna has used the tools of her trade to share with us her vision of the world she lives in with sensuality and gusto. A very special woman with a very special way of treating the canvas… that's why we love Glenna Putt and are pleased to share her "Autobiography" with you."

In the paintings of Glenn Putt, the visual world around us is transformed into another reality through her scrutiny of it, wedded with her artistic ability and wit. In this latest body of work, one can see a world enhanced by her insight, transmitted into feeling and represented on canvas. For example, First Light, a landscape evokes the hour of dawn, gently lighting a view that looks across the bay from San Francisco. The pale gray sky meets the darker gray of the hills, both illuminated at their juncture by a pumpkin colored, orange stripe. At the bottom of the hill, a brilliant quirky streak of mustard yellow rises above the water’s edge. In the middle of the bay we see the black ghost of a freighter above the still darkened houses of the city. The result is haunting. The visual experience cannot be translated into the language of words. George Braque said, “one can explain everything about a work of art except its mystery, and that’s the only thing worth talking about.” So it is up to the viewer to respond to the best of his or her ability to the experience any painting of quality offers.

-Theophilus Brown