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Private Password Login

For a small set-up and yearly maintenance fee you can set up your own private ePressBooks web page with password protection. This is a great way to make your books available only to select individuals.

An example of this might be a private company's annual report. An email containing the password and link to your page would go out to select addresses you provide. Clients could then logon and download a PDF file or order a hardcopy printed report. You (or your clients if you prefer) will only be charged the book cover price plus shipping and handling. This means no inventory and no wasted books.

A more personal example is wedding day books. You may not want to share your wedding pictures with the whole world, but you may like to offer your guests the opportunity to purchase your specially-made photo book as a memento. We will send an email to your wedding guests containing your password along with a link to your private page where final PDF files could be downloaded or hardcopy books ordered and shipped.