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Computer Manuals (15 cents per page)

One of the miracles of today's internet is the ability of Computer Software and Hardware companies such as Adobe, Apple, Microsoft, HP, plus hundreds of others, is to provide digital PDF (portable document format) files of all their instruction and reference manuals that can be easily downloaded from their respective web sites. This enables their customers to simply read the files on a computer monitor or even an iPhone. We all applaud this grand collective environmentally conscious effort which helps curtail the deforestation of our planet and all the related negative consequences.

However, many customers must have hard copy printed manuals. For example, one might need to study it while traveling and can't bring a computer along on the plane. Customers are generally instructed to print their own manuals by downloading the appropriate PDF files from the vendor's website. Unfortunately, many customers, just don't have the internal resources to print and bind multiple hard copy manuals in-house.

So what is the solution? Simply send ePressBooks the PDF file and we will print and bind all the manuals that you need. To get started, send an email to charles@prepress.com
or call 415-520-7663.

OK fine, but what about our green planet?

Another great consequence of our modern day internet communications, is that it has also pushed the printing industry to find multiple ways of being much more environment conscious as well. For instance, all the ePressBooks computer hardware and software manuals are printed on 100 percent recycled paper, which would otherwise become landfill. Our state of the art digital presses print only the exact copies needed, which saves on electricity and water, plus no wasted make ready sheets as compared to traditional offset printing. Finally no more toxic solvents breathed in by press operators or released into the atmosphere either when comparing digital presses to traditional methods.

So print digital and stay green!