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A Considerable Study
Nelson H. Basel
10.5x8.75 P.B. 108 pgs.

Description - A Considerable Study is an extensive program of, and about, keyboard music and song. A twenty-five year work of Nelson H. Basel, it sets forth the greatness of classical music. More...

Our Stories

Our Stories
Bay Area Hidden Children
8.5x11 P.B. 158 pgs.

Description - Our Stories is a collection of narratives told by members of the Bay Area Hidden Children group. The stories were collected over many years and detail the hardships and triumphs of children during WWII.

This Quintessence of Dust

This Quintessence of Dust
By John V. Falconieri
6 x 9 P.B. 96pgs.

Description -
Creationism and Evolutionism Reconciled... A solution to the dispute between creationists and evolutionists that includes an analysis of pertinent religious beliefs and scientific hypotheses about the origin of the universe, of life and of man. Showing how they converge so that a rapprochement between the two sides is possible.

Silk Diary
Natasha Foucault & Jeanne-Michele Salander
8.5x10 P.B. 190pgs.

Description - Silk Diary is the story of Natasha's travels, loves, and adventures - a series of escapades most armchair travelers only dream of. More...

Lunch with the Doctor ™
Cheryl Lea Hogan, M.A.
4.5x6 white wire-o 92 pgs.

Description - The writing of this book has been a life's work in studying food science, and combining it with a master’s degree in psychology, and the art of photography. More...

Breaking Free
Dale Polissar
6x9 P.B. 84 pgs.

Description - This is a story, in poems, of the transformation that so many of us went through in the late sixties and early seventies. Vividly, the poems recount a lot of the sixties experience — from "Acid at Noon" through Viet Nam protest, from sexual odyssey through spiritual awakening. More...

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Prepress Assembly
8.5 x 8.5 P.B. 58pgs.
prepress website

Description - Books bring an idea to life. The ease of using digital color printing to produce short-run books has greatly increased the number of potential authors and subject matter they can present in a book. While conventional book publishing is still a major commitment, creatingshort-run books, now opens up countless opportunities for everyone. More...

Age of Nepotism

The Age of Nepotism
Vahid Razavi
11x11.5 P.B.

Description - This book is a profound statement about similarities that connect what at first seems impossible to even consider as similar. It explores consequences of narrow-mindedness, ignorance and closing eyes in the face of conflicts. More...

Romantic Malaise - Anna Romero

Romantic Malaise
Anna Romero
5x8 P.B.

Description -
"Even geeks can fall in love, or at least think about it."

Romantic Malaise takes you along Sofia's love odyssey as she meticulously ponders the intricacies of a simple yet powerful emotion called love.


Esther Hunt:
A Collector's Guide

By Donna R. Yick
8 x 10 P.B. 134pgs.
Donna Yick email

Description - It is to be hoped that, with this book, the art world will take a closer look at this obscure artist and elevate her to a place of prominence where she belongs. More...

- Edan Milton Hughes