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Havana and Back
By Randall C. Sexton
8" x 10" P.B. 126pgs.
$30.00 - 1-60052-002-2
artist website

Following a brief exploration of abstract and abstract-expressionist art, and soon after his arrival in California, Sexton became known as a talented and admired painter of plein-air landscapes, cityscapes and figures. Yet he also creates still lifes, florals and portraits of extraordinary beauty and strength. This remarkable versatility shows him as a seriously dedicated painter, who strives to stretch boundaries whenever he can. Since the turn of the millenium Randy Sexton has become widely regarded as one of the premier plein-air painters working in Northern California today — an area renown for its plein-air tradition.

Sexton’s fascination with painting cars was new neither to him nor to his nationwide collectors. This subject matter has frequently featured in his work. His loose painting style using a wide spectrum of brilliant colors in strong compositions clearly lends itself to portraying cars in an almost interpersonal way. Sexton gives his cars personality as well as visual complexity, and his most outstanding car paintings have understandably been the ones of older models. And thus, Sexton’s trip to Cuba was bound to become a celebration of the genre.