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Philip Hall Images
By Philip Hall
8.5 x 11 P.B. 60pgs.
$30.00 - 1234567
artist website

While Philip Hall's compositions share some of the qualities of conventional photographs, they have much more in common with canvases produced using pigments and brushes, each detail painstakingly applied by hand. On first consideration the subjects of his recent images seem divided into distinct categories--abstract and architectural compositions, explorations of light and shadow, pensive studies of dream and illusion, wry comic tableaux. However, these categories begin to overlap under closer scrutiny as Hall's meticulous fabrication and sense of dramatic narrative repeatedly assert themselves.

...Given his early academic training as a sculptor, Hall’s process might as easily be called sculpting with light; using Photoshop to refine his initial images as a sculptor might chisel at marble, Hall slowly strips away the unessential material, subtracting, cropping, matting, erasing, subtly adjusting the color content. These transformations are only the beginning steps in his preparation for combining multiple images or juxtaposing layers to produce a hyper-real image, a vision more perfectly realized than reality itself...

-Foreword by Jamie Brunson