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Stacey Carter

Present History
Stacey M. Carter
17.64 x 7.25 P.B. 68pgs.
$30.00 - 1-60052-006-5
Limited edition - 500
signed and numbered

Besides architecture, there are other elements in my work that tell time: cars, clothing of pedestrians, street signs, lights and traffic. All of this is part of modern society --- what documentary is made of. The color in the pieces evokes a sense of things past. My work is an attempt to depict familiarity with a play on time; to recognize a place, but to wonder as to what is really seen. I tend to photograph streets and places encountered in my daily routine. Even having lived in San Francisco for more than 12 years, I still do not cease to see something new on the same roads I travel each day.

With the constant development inherent to all cities, some of the buildings I have painted are already gone. Replaced by new modern structures that are in their own, a new part of history. I love the constant evolution. My work is a portrait of a place. This place is right here and now.

I wish to record all I can.

Note on Technique - Stacey Carter