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art of the game

Art of the game
the art of baseball

George Krevsky Gallery
8.5 x 10.75 P.B. 96pgs.
$30.00 - 1-60052-010-3

I think I’m pretty lucky myself. Once a year I’m allowed to indulge my memories of green grass, the pungent odors of hotdogs and beer, the crack of the bat from horsehide hitting hickory, the roar of the crowd as a mighty Casey slams one over the wall, an infielder leaps for a line drive or a fast ball smacks into a catcher’s mitt...and then how about the hopeful Little Leaguer...desperately wanting to be chosen... “Put me in coach” he cries...soon I’ll be ready for the “show”...and before you know it, our childhood fantasies become emerged in the realities of life...and we become doctors and lawyers and artists and clerks and bus drivers and teachers and art dealers and butchers and bakers and bankers and poets and husbands and wives.

-Foreword by George Krevsky