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Bay Area Figurative
Bolinas Museum
8.25 x 10.5 P.B. 60pgs.
$30.00 - 1-60052-013-8
museum website

In 1950, Park painted his first post-abstract figurative work. Bischoff and Diebenkorn followed in the early ‘50s. Some qualities of Abstract Expressionism were incorporated into the new fi gurative style: the bold, gestural brush strokes; the thick layering of paint; the vibrant and unusual colors; the commitment to the painting process for its own sake; the use of non-perspectival space; and the importance of the entire painted surface. Left behind were doctrinaire, highly intellectual aesthetics and the rigid cult of the non-objective...Diebenkorn and others didn’t like being identified with a movement. But after half a century we can appreciate a bright and humane time when the artists’ love of their surroundings and the act and materials of painting coalesced into what we now celebrate as the Bay Area Figurative Movement.