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By Prepress Assembly
8.5 x 8.5 P.B. 58pgs.
$10.00 - 1-60052-009-X
prepress website

...If you are an exceptional photographer, designer, illustrator or fine artist, your may wish to create a book to market and promote your personal talents. Student portfolio pieces and professional works are great for short-run books. Some short-run book authors even personally sign and number their books to enhance their
value over time.

Business owners are discovering short-run books as an
excellent tool to attract top customers. Digital color printing has also made personalization possible using variable information. Variable information capability means that text, images, colors and even entire pages can be linked to a database so the printed pieces are more relevant to whomever receives them. Personalized pieces have shown to increase response rates from prospective clients. Everyone is generally interested in a story, and a short-run book can showcase the company, employees and products.

Short-run books can be the perfect compliment and everlasting gift for personal and family special occasions.

Legacy books, memory books, wedding day books, childhood books, anniversary books...the possibilities are boundless. Hold on to your idea, follow through on a commitment and it is possible to create a new book on any subject or any event in a matter of weeks.