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Robert Colescott

Troubled Goods
Robert Colescott
11x8.5 P.B.

In this exhibition’s reunion of paintings that speak of the vigor and sheer abundance of Robert Colescott’s work of the last decade one feels compelled to look at his oeuvre through the lens of the last ten momentous years. The narrative questions he demands that we engage have become, politically and spiritually, more tragically irresolvable in this time. Here we have an opportunity to confront in tangible evidence of a great artist’s mature work as it speaks in his lifetime of “lateness.” In their essays for Troubled Goods the show’s curator, Peter Selz and the de Young Museum’s curator of Contemporary Art, Daniell Cornell, recognize powerful unresolved tensions in these paintings which contribute to their ripeness.

But see these works for yourselves. Really look and come to your own understanding.

-Anne Trueblood Brodzky
Director, Meridian Gallery