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Siddharth Parasnis

New Paintings
Siddharth Parasnis
9.25x8 P.B.

Much has been written about Siddharth Parasnis at various turning points and milestones throughout his career as an artist. Yet few words could be said that would truly replace the powerful, immediate, and personal impression his lush canvasses make on the viewer. Parasnis’ paintings evoke emotion, whether as a first response to the dynamically structured, almost cubist construction or as a gut-level response to the sensual, deeply textural surface tension within each of the fragments of the whole.

Thus there are two paths into the artist’s work – via its thematic structure or via its sensuality in execution. Both paths lead to the deeply satisfying core of rich interplay between linear and spatial expression, between controlled rendering and loose yet masterly paint handling.

-Dieter Tremp
Head Curator, Bolinas Museum