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Paintings from the Organic Composition Series
Dieter Tremp
8.75 x 10.5 P.B. 106pgs.
$34.95 - 1-60052-000-6

The figures here are drawn directly on abstract paintings on paper, prepared with a variety of methods from salting wet surfaces to rubbing and peeling the paint. Yet even the abstract shapes and colored swirls are oddly familiar, as they remind us of the most modern of all images, where science has provided us with glimpses of the previously invisible. We now have astonishing pictures of galactic nebulae at the outermost reaches of our telescopes, as well as swirling cloud images of subatomic particles in “bubble chambers”. Are organic, random color fields still abstract even after we find a real image to match them? Is it this hidden reality that lets us experience an emotional response?