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Women in Marin

Women Artists in Marin: Five Decades
Various Artists
8.5x8.5 P.B.

Through the impetus of one woman, Rachel Norman, Five Decades of Women’s Art presents a collective statement, through a variety of artistic terms, about the efficacy of women in their visual expression.  While gender is often a position one comes from in their thinking, the exhibition - a collection of works of art across many subjects, styles, media and materials – is intended to expand understanding and to ever so slightly balance the art world so the contribution of women artists is valued equally to that of men.  All of these works of art are meant to expand our understanding of our world. This exhibition is intended to provoke our thinking, touch our emotions, inspire our imagination and celebrate creation. While the world's needs often stare us in the face, these works of art offer hope, inspiration, humor and a place of repose for the human spirit.

-Jennifer Almodova